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Felm Volunteer hakemus

Please fill the form in English.

Before filling in the form, please make sure that you have read the FAQ (In Finnish only).

If you are facing technical problems with the electronic application form, please send a notification to:

  • Are you studying or working? Please, give details about the main subjects and the name of the institution/employer.
  • Length of stay (2-12 months)? Please, state any external factors affecting the time frame for FELM Volunteer placement (studies/leave of absence) .
  • Please note: projects may involve manual work and living conditions may be modest.
  • For example French, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Estonian, Swahili... Please, indicate also the level of the language skill.
  • Name, phone number, address and e-mail.
  • Please, write a motivation letter to the FELM and partner representatives, stating your reasons for applying to particular tasks mentioned above (max 1000 words). Give your motivation letter in English. If you apply to France, write the letter in French and for Columbia in Spanish.
    After the completed International placement, the FELM Volunteers are expected to share their experiences in encouragement of others to join in and our partners to continue co-working. In acknowledgment of this, after returning to Finland, I commit to provide feedback (Feedback discussion will be held at FELM Helsinki Office), share my FELM Volunteer experience through volunteer tasks (parish visits min. 2-3 visits). I also give my permission to share my contact information for future Felm Volunteers heading to the same country and/or working with the same tasks and/or partners.